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What's On Your Christmas Wishlist This Year?


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Money’s always nice. Which I will use to blow on things I don’t need… like a larger desk, a new laptop, and clothes/shoes. But hey, tis’ the season to be jolly.

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For me Christmas was only really a thing when I was a kid. As an adult, especially in my early 40s, I realize that I don't really need any presents because 1) I don't want to accumulate clutter, and 2) anything that isn't a necessity is probably something I don't have time to enjoy. I'd say money for Steam games might come the closest, even though I usually just let games simulate on their own because I haven't time to play them. I think the best gifts for me are trips to Boston, NYC, etc. For these reasons, I'm not easy to buy gifts for because I don't really need or want anything. I also find buying gifts for others agonizing. I'm probably half-grinch. I'm not full grinch because I do like others being happy on the holidays, but I find holidays stressful and something I just have to endure until they're over. I enjoy January more than November and December. My favorite holiday is probably Halloween because of the costumes. 

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