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39 minutes ago, Patine said:

I work with a lot of Filipino/as, and from dealing with them, and hearing about their nation, and everything I've heard about the above three, I must stand firm to my statement. I suspect (though am not assuming, but suspect) that political and diplomatic - even military - portrayals from Western, especially, U.S. Government sources, are affecting your stance on this, moreso.

And you likewise have the same experience with Japanese, Taiwanese, South Korean, and Israeli people? Because I might suspect that a bias towards one group with which you interact may be affecting your stance.

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8 hours ago, Patine said:

I'm disappointed at the lack of comparative love for the Philippines (I know it's gotten three compared to many one's - but there's two sevens and an eight there). This is the Asian country probably closest - culturally, socially, and even politically - to our most cherished and comfortably familiar Western values - significantly moreso than Japan, South Korea, or Israel are, certainly. I just thought I'd bring this up.

Unfortunately, I don't know well about the country.

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