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Ukraine Poll


Ukraine Poll  

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  1. 1. What should the US do if Putin recognized the two breakaway regions of Ukraine and sends troops into those regions to preserved their independence?

    • US should no nothing
    • US should apply only economic punishments on Russia and those regions, nothing more.
    • US should do what is stated in option #2, but they should also send military aid, weapons, and advisors in the event Ukraine is invaded or wishes to take those regions back by force.
    • US should engage militarily against Russia, but not with boots on the ground (some sort of combination of airstrikes, bombings, drone strikes, naval presence, etc.)
    • US should send in the military and help Ukraine get those regions back and thrust out the Russian occupying forces.
    • US should just invade Russia.
    • Other idea that in no way resembles these (explain below)
  2. 2. If Russia invades Ukraine outside the breakway regions, the US should....

    • Same answer as question #1
    • US should be more involved but no boots on the ground.
    • US should put boots on the ground.
    • US should invade Russia.
    • Other idea that in no way resembles these (explain below)
  3. 3. Will the Ukraine situation develop into World War III?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Other idea that in no way resembles these (explain below)

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Any sanctions need to be targeted strategically. One of the biggest problems with them is that they can end up hurting the people more than the governments (and actually end up improving the popularity of those in power, something Putin has done a masterful job of doing).

As for weapons and aid, I am not in favor of shipping anything over on the dime of American taxpayers. However, I would not oppose making arms deals with the Ukrainians.


Absolutely no military involvement though (advisors, drone strikes, naval presence, boots on the ground, etc.)

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On 2/22/2022 at 8:58 AM, Patine said:

Indeed. Sanctions on Saddam Hussein, Robert Mugabe, and the Kim Dynasty, in the past, have demonstrated this VERY clearly.

It is true that North Korea likes to make it's people blame their poverty on US sanctions...

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