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Did yuo know Washington D.C. used to be a square?


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4 hours ago, OrangeP47 said:

The whole point was to take land from two states not just one to make it fair... which is why it's dumb they gave Virginia their piece back -Today's edition of Orange being mad about things that happened over 100 years ago.

I’m still mad that we didn’t put it on the Delaware River.

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17 hours ago, DakotaHale said:

No way in hell I'm the only person who didn't know this

I think I first learned about it in undergrad. In a book. I know it was before using the internet to learn about history was normalized. This would have been c. 2001. A that point, I used the internet primarily for instant news, email, and forums kind of like this. 

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I always assumed it was a square shape, I'll be honest. It just made sense looking at it.

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