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Again, forgive the bold. Here's all Civil Rights Legis Prop, Gov Actions, Pres Actions. I do not have the Civil Rights Scripted Events in here. Just too many. Please note that Slavery is its own category, so a lot of Civil Rights things that are about slavery are not here. Immigration is another category. Election stuff is another category.

I think what I need the most now is Civil Rights (or anti-civil rights) legislation for the Era of the Future. Also, Maybe some more Traditionalist, RW Pop, or Conservative Civil Rights legislation that wouldn't be a repeal of any of these.


Civil Rights

Civil Rights Policies w/o Preqs

Christianity as Official Religion Amendment (L-Fed)

Citizenship for Foreign-Born Children of US Citizens (L-Fed)

Voting Rights for Women (L-Fed)

Bill of Rights (L-Fed) [Note: can also be voted separately

1st Amendment (L-Fed) 

9th Amendment (L-Fed)

Allow Freed Slaves to Rent Abandoned Farms (L-Gild)

Allow Former Slaves and Freed Blacks to Serve in Military (L-Nat)

Prevent LGBT Couples from Collecting Benefits (L-Neo)

School Prayer Amendment (L-Neo)

Disabilities Act of 1990 (L-Neo)

Equal Rights For Women Amendment (L-Norm)

Ban Race-Based Hair Discrimination (L-Pop)

Subsidize Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking (L-Pop)

Equality Act (L-Pop)

Separation of Church and State Amendment (L-Prog)

US Citizenship for Native Americans (L-Prog)

Criminalize Socialism, Communism, and Anarchism (L-Prog)

Ban Conversion Therapy (L-Ter)

Subsidize Conversion Therapy (L-Ter)

Traditional Marriage Amendment (L-Ter)

Mandate Barcoding and Microchipping Citizens (L-Fut)

Equal Rights for Transhumanists (L-Fut)

Ban Practice of Lynching Nationwide (L-Gild)

Affirmative Action (L-Nuc)

Age Discrimination Act (L-Nuc)

Ban Discriminatory Practices in Voting (L-Nuc)

Ban Discrimination in Housing (L-Nuc)

Equal Pay for Women (L-Nuc)

Ban Black Panthers and Similar Orgs (L-Nuc)

US Commission on Civil Rights (L-Nuc)

Strictly Enforce Anti-Discrimination (G-Nuc)

Pass Laws to Discriminate Against Minority Religions in the State (G-Fed)

Make Lynching Illegal (G-Gild)

Pro-Civil Rights over Civil Liberties (P-Ter)

Pro-Civil Liberties over Civil Rights (P-Ter)

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (P-Nuc)


Preq: If No Civil Right Legis Active

  • Leave Civil Rights Issues to the States (L-Ind-Default)


Preq: Civil War occurred and has ended

  • Discriminate against former secessionists (G-Fed)


Preq: If No Bill of Rights Exists

  • No Bill of Rights (L-Ind-Default)


Preq: CA Has Not Achieved Statehood

  • Recognize Indian Sovereignty (L-Fed)


Preq: Federal Public Housing Exists

  • Ban Affirmative Action in Housing (L-Nuc)


Preq: Indian Removal Has Occurred

  • Dawes Act (L-Gild)


Preq: BLM Protests Have Occurred

  • Ban and Label Anti-Fascist (Antifa) Organizations as Terrorist Organizations (L-Pop)

  • Ban and Label White Nationalist Organizations as Terrorist Organizations (L-Pop)


Preq: Communist Movement has begun

  • Compel Communist Orgs to Register w/ Att Gen (L-Ide)


Preq: Fascist Movement has Occurred

  • Criminalize Fascism and Nazism (L-Norm)


Preq: Slavery is Abolished

  • Voting Rights for All Races Not Currently Covered (L-Ide)

  • Grant Confiscated Southern Farms to Free Blacks (L-Nat)

  • 14th Amendment (L-Nat)

  • 15th Amendment (L-Nat)

  • Non-Amendment version of 14th Amendment (L-Nat)

  • Federal Slavery Reparations (L-Pop)

  • Native American Citizenship (L-Gild)

    • Apply Bill of Rights to Native Americans (L-Gild)

  • State Segregations Laws (L-Nat)


Preq: Dept of Justice Exists and Slavery Abolished

  • KKK Act (L-Nat)

  • Enforcement Acts (L-Nat)


Preq: Segregation has not yet been banned nationwide

  • Civil Rights Act of 1964 (L-Nuc)

  • Federal Segregation Amendment (L-Nuc)

  • Federal Segregation Ban Amendment (L-Nuc)

  • Desegregate the Military (P-Nuc)


Preq: Dept of Justice Exists:

  • Civil Rights Act of 1965 (L-Nat)


Preq: Constitutional Convention Only

  • Natural Born Citizenship for Foreign-Born Residents Living in US at time of the Const (L-Fed)

  • Citizenship and Votings Rights for All Races (L-Fed) [early version]

  • Voting Rights for Women (L-Fed) [early version]


Preq: Louisiana Purchase and Mexican War have occurred

  • Restrictions for Polygamists (L-Man)

  • Remove Mormons from Judicial Offices (L-Man)

  • Resettle Mormons in Mexico (L-Man)


Preq: Gay Marriage is not legal nationwide

  • Allow Gay Spousal Benefits, but not Gay Marriage (L-Neo)

  • LGBT Marriage Amendment (L-Ter)

  • Recognize Gay Marriage (G-Ter)


Preq: Traditional Marriage Amendment is not active

  • Legalize Gay Marriage (L-Ter)


Preq: Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Civil Rights Act of 1965 are active

  • MLK Day Act (L-Neo)


Preq: Affirmative Action is Active

  • Ban Affirmative Action (L-Neo)


Preq: Theocratic 3rd Party is Now Major Party

  • Divorce Ban Amendment (L-Norm)


Preq: American Fascist 3rd Party is Now Major Party

  • Miscegenation Ban Amendment (L-Norm)


Preq: Civil War Occurred w/ South having seceded

  • Remove All Confederate Statues Nationwide (L-Pop)

  • Ban the sale of Confederate Flags and Symbols (L-Pop)

  • Rename Military Bases Named After Confederates (L-Pop)

  • Remove CSA Monuments (G-Pop)


Preq: Human-AI Augmentation Possible

  • Universal Human-AI Augmentation (L-Fut)


Preq: Robot Rights has Occurred; Robot Slavery Banned

  • Full Citizenship for Robots Amendment (L-Fut)


Preq: Population Decline in US and in Europe

  • Instant Citizenship for Immigrants (L-Fut)


Preq: Boom in Sentient Robots has Occurred

  • Robot Rights (L-Fut)


Preq: Women Cannot Vote Nationwide

  • Give Women Right to Vote (G-Gild)


Preq: Both Segregation and Poll Tax are Not Illegal

  • Jim Crow Laws (G-Gild)


Preq: Civil Rights Movement Has Occurred

  • Civil Rights Protections (G-Nuc)


Preq: Jim Crow is active in at least one state and Judicial Dept is active

  • Use Federal Force to End Jim Crow (P-Prog)

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I'm a bit busy today, so I'll have to look over this tomorrow, but one thing I'll say now as maybe an idea for the era of the future, and upgraded ADA (I'm acutely aware of the issue as I'm physically disabled).  The ADA is a good start, but it's not perfect, namely a lot of the provisions of the bill the are optional or have grandfather clauses that exempt certain buildings/organizations from the bill.  A theoretical upgrade to the bill, which has been banded about at times, is basically the same bill, but removing those clauses, making the existing ADA more mandatory, in essence.  Could be a good bill for the Era of the Future.

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Maybe legislation that combats "cancel culture?"

And other issues perpetrated by RW populists moreso.

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- Legalization of Euthanasia

- Gender Quotas

- Ban/Mandate corporal punishment (e.g. in schools, home, etc.)

- Attempts to make the state more secular (remove symbols of God)

- Banning of Adultery/Legalization if it gets banned

- Banning/Legalizing Cousin Marriage

- Legalize/Decriminalize Polygamy (since the banning/restriction has been mentioned above)

- Banning Converson Therapy for minors (the item on the list only mentions banning conversion therapy)

- Criminalize Secret Societies (anti-Masons would strongly be for this)

- Laws to legalize/ban/etc. teaching of Creation/Evolution

- Animal rights amendment (if such exists), but something to do with animal rights activism

- Ban/restriction of hunting or certain meat consumption

- Ban/legalize ritual slaughter

- Ban/legalize circumcision

- Ban/legalize the headscarf or the burka

- Ban/legalize horse meat

- Ban/legalize wearing a headdress in Congress Frederica Wilson would love wearing her fancy hats.

- Ban/Mandate Critical Race Theory

- Make it illegal to kill animals

- Make zoos illegal

- Make vegetarianism mandatory

- Ban the use of animals in circuses

- Plant rights

- Ban vegans as extreme groups

- Regulation of social media for extremism OR Law against such regulation

- Reparations for Native Americans

- Ban Religion or Tax it  (some radical atheists might be for this)

- Define culture appropriation a hate crime (some woke-types might propose this, I don't know)

- Proposal to set up busts of Booker T. Washington and George Washington Carver on Capitol Hill (this was actually proposed by Rep. Larry McDonald, kinda surprising because he was MTG before MTG)

Preq - No Bill of Rights Exists

- Ban certain types of torture OR Ban torture completely

-Preq - BLM Protests have occured

- More POC in police (I'm not sure if this has ever been proposed, but it would be fun to add?)

Preq: Theocratic 3rd Party is Now Major Party

- Proposal to set up monuments honoring great Christians/Biblical figures/the Bible, etc. (e.g. Monuments to George Whitefield, Moses, etc.)

Preq: American Fascist 3rd Party is Now Major Party

- Proposal to set up monuments honoring Fascists or Fascism (e.g. Monuments to Ezra Pound, Charles Lindbergh, etc.)

Preq: Preq: Communist Movement has begun

- Proposal to set up monuments honoring Communists or Communism (e.g. Monuments to William Z. Foster, Paul Robeson, etc.)

Preq: Louisiana Purchase and  Mexican War have Occured

- Ban Mormonism/Declare it a terrorist group or an enemy (there was a lot of hostility towards Mormonism)


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