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AMPU Crimes & Punishments


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Here are the Crimes & Punishment policies. I probably need more Era of the Future ideas for this area in legis prop, pres actions, and gov actions. 

Currency is next, but I have to do some grading. 

Crimes & Punishments

No Preq: 

Establish Federal Death Penalty (L-Fed)

Criminalize False, Critical Statements of the Fed Gov’t (L-Fed)

Criminalize Advocating Overthrowing the Gov’t (L-Ide)

Reform Federal Prison System to Reduce Prison Pop (L-Pop)

Make US Flag Desecration Illegal (L-Fed)

5th Amendment (L-Fed)

6th Amendment (L-Fed)

8th Amendment (L-Fed)

Abolish Convict Contract Labor (L-Neo)

Abolish Private Prisons (L-Pop)

Abolish Debtor’s Prison (L-Rep)

Ban Violent Media (L-Ter)

Abolish Torture of US Prisoners (L-Ter)

Abolish Waterboarding as a method of Torture (L-Ter)

Freeze Digital Assets of Suspected Criminals (L-Fut)

Ban & Criminalize Sending Obscene Material via Post (L-Gild)

Funding to Police for Research and Improvements (L-Nuc)

Abolish Capital Punishment Amendment (L-Nuc)

Pardon Socialist and Anarchist Leaders (P-Prog)

Abolish State Death Penalty (G-Man)

Abolish Private Prisons (G-Pop)

Crackdown on LW Radicals (G-Prog)

Crackdown on RW Radicals (G-Prog)

Abolish Debtor’s Prisons (G-Rep)

Institute “Tough on Crime” Policies (G-Prog)

Focus on Needs of the Police (G-Nuc)


Preq: Politician was convicted during incumbent’s presidency

  • Issue Presidential Pardon for Convicted Politician (P-Nuc)


Preq: Dom Stab is at Violent Protest or Worse

  • Crack down on Mobsters and Mafia (P-Nuc)


Preq: Congress Gives Pres Power to Round Up Enemies of the State

  • Order the Arrest of Political Enemies (P-Fed)


Preq: US won the Civil War

  • Pardon Confederate Pres and Comm Gen (P-Fed)

  • Pardon Confederate Soldiers (P-Fed)

  • Pardon High-Ranking Confederates, excluding Pres and Comm Gen (P-Fed)


Preq: Any World War active

  • Temporary Internment Camps (P-Prog)


Preq: US involved in Vietnam War, which is now over

  • Pardon Draft Dodgers (L-Neo)


Preq: Human-AI Augmentation exists

  • Mandate US Citizens Undergo Augmentation via Penalties (L-Fut)


Preq: Boom in Sentient Robot Tech

  • Apply Capital Punishment to Flawed Robots (L-Fut)


Preq: Human-AI Augmentation exists and Boom in Sentient Robot Tech

  • Reprogram flawed robots and augmented humans in lieu of capital punishment (L-Fut)


Preq: Authoritarian 3rd Party is a major party

  • National Internment and Work Camps (L-Norm)

  • Make Private Banking a High Crime (L-Norm)

  • Ban and Strictly Punish Immoral Behavior (L-Prog)

  • Purge Inter-Party Rivals (P-Fed)


No Crimes & Punishments Legislation Active

  • Leave All Crimes & Punishments to the States (L-Ind-Default)


Preq: Rev War Active

  • Create Framework to Punish British Tories (L-Ind)

  • Set Up System for POW Exchange w/ British (L-Ind)

  • Punish Tories by Confiscating Property (G-Ind)


Preq: Federal Death Penalty

  • Death Penalty for Counterfeiting Currency (L-Fed)

  • Death Penalty for Piracy on the High Seas (L-Fed)

  • Death Penalty for Treason (L-Fed)

  • Death Penalty for Willful Murder on Federal Property (L-Fed)


Preq: Communist Movement has begun and not ended

  • Outlaw the Communist Party (L-Ide)


Preq: Reconstruction Added

  • Convert Reconstructed States into Federal Property (L-Nat)

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Couple of quick ideas off the top of my head: If death penalty is active, an option to make it a public execution and abolishing cash bail for misdemeanors and non-violent felonies or for all criminal charges whatsoever. Maybe if a certain level of corruption or state party machinery is reached, an action to exercise prosecutorial discretion in favor of your political allies and against adversaries?

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Obscenity laws

  • Era of the Guilded Age - Anthony Comstock founds the New York Socieity on the Supression of Vice
    • Legis - Comstock Act - bans obscene materials being sent through the post
  • Court case - Hicklin test in 1879 Obscenity case
    • Roth test - 1950
    • Miller test - 1973
  • If no obscenity law or Hicklin test exist, left to states
    • if either exist, govs can advocate for book burnings with "obscene materials"
    • if left to states, ban the sale of obscene materials (sex toys)
    • ban import of obscene materials
  • If Miller test exists:
    • Legis:
      • Ban sales of obscene materials and devices
      • restrict content of obscene material during daytime broadcast
      • Prostitution
        • Ban
          • misdemeanor
          • felony
        • regulate
    • Gov actions
      • restrict brothels and places of obscenity
      • restrict access to pornographic content
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We need “Running Man” type game shows where criminals are chased down by our heroes.    If the criminal survives he gets to join the cast,   Also for future. Have the annual survivor island where the violent felons are taken to fight it out, the survivor gets a chance to win a pardon.   Might be some other pop culture movies to borrow from.

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34 minutes ago, jvikings1 said:

War on Drugs

Allow states to regulate drugs

Legalize Marijuana

Legalize Hard Drugs

I wonder if the legalizing of drugs should be a stepping stone. Instead of having legalize Hard Drugs be an option, one of the preregs is that you have to have passed medicinal usage, or supervised areas where you are allowed to use (thinking of the areas New York & I think Oregon set up). Once those are passed, then you can take the next step of full legalization.

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Federal, and state Stand your Ground laws. Alternatively there could also be state, and federal Duty to Retreat laws.

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- Increase funding to states for law enforcement (decreasing crime a certain %)

- Decrease funding to states for law enforcement (states have a greater burden for law enforcement)

- Remove law enforcement responsibilities from states and authorize a National/Federal police force

- Ban local police forces.  State and Federal police only.

- All policing done by Federal government.

- Fund Federal police

- Outlaw a National/Federal policing force

- Expand Federal prisons

- Reduce minimal sentencing recommendations 

- Increase minimal sentencing recommendations


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- Make penalty for false accusations match the crime

- Abolish the parole

- End plea bargains

- No mercy for Confederates

- Penalties for crimes against robots

- Penalties for crimes against animals

- Ban torture for everyone and not just citizens (e.g. Guantanamo Bay, etc.)

- Ban Fascist Parties

- Ban of obscene literature, television programs, etc.

- End of Death Penalty for Treason

- Police, Crime, Sentencing, and Courts Bill like the one in the UK

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Instead of abolishing capital punishment the option of a moratorium could also be included as Gov Action and Federal policy (finally something the AG could actively decide in order to make the position/player more engaging?!). The Garland Justice Department issued one, and California is another example, I think.

Additionally, if not already done so, I would suggest to split Federal capital punishment and capital punishment by the US military. I guess if one is abolished the other one would not be abolished automatically.

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