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I know i promised to wait until wednesday to start the RP but we have enough interested players and i just got really into it so i already prepared the spreadsheet and am ready to kick off as soon as you are.

@Fbarbarossa @Hestia @The Blood @Kitten @WVProgressive @Cenzonico @Dobshave already confirmed their participation and picked their factions on Discord so we need 2 more players to join us.Of course you guys have the right to change your team now since you didn't have access to spreadsheet when you made your choice.

Players take the role of one of the eight factions of two major parties and will control all the politicians marked as that faction as well as run candidates they believe fit in that faction in elections.


Faction 1:Progressive Democrats @Fbarbarossa

Left wing of the Democratic party,including Bernie Sanders,Elizabeth Warren,etc.

Faction 2:Liberal Democrats @Hestia or @The Blood

Mainstream Democrats,very liberal on social issues but more moderate on economic ones,including President Obama,Nancy Pelosi,etc.

Faction 3:Moderate Democrats @The Bloodor @Hestia

Moderate Democrats including some big establishment names like VP Joe Biden,Hillary Clinton,etc.

Faction 4:Blue Dogs @Kitten

Most conservative wing of Democratic party consisted mostly of red state Democrats including Joe Manchin,Bill Nelson,etc.


Faction 1:Moderate Republicans @WVProgressive

Most liberal wing of Republican party including mavericks like John McCain,John Kasich,etc.

Faction 2:Mainstream Republicans @Dobs

Establishment Republicans,often called neocons including Jeb!,Rubio,McConnell,etc.

Faction 3:Conservative Republicans @Cal

Strongest Republican faction consisted of social conservaties,evangelicals including Ted Cruz,Ben Carson,etc.

Faction 4:Populist Republicans @Cenzonico

Populist Republicans is a faction of those like Donald Trump or Rand Paul,it includes right wing of Republican party including Tea Party,right wing of GOP and even some libertarians.

Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dDHmCMG8UDj9I8r4lQJleajqM3cOqk_l7l0qYqJLf9E

RP Rules

Every turn will be a month in RP time(except when we get close to primaries when pace will slow down a bit),we are starting in June 2015.

Turns will be very broad covering every branch of government

 3-5 events for presidential campaign events

3 events for downballot campaigns

1 executive event for player controlling the President(right now @Hestiaor @The Blood)

Up to 2 legislative events

1 state event for Governors

And bonus events as a response to random events happening.

We are ready to kick off as soon @Hestiaand @The Bloodchoose whos LibDems and whos ModDems and we find a player for ConReps.

@Timur @Sean F Kennedy @mark2 you guys might be interested in playing ConReps since you voiced support for this RP idea.The one who replies will get it.




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BREAKING: Governor Nikki Haley (R) announces bid for President of the United States in Columbia, South Carolina RNC highlights: Four takeaways from Day 1 - CNNPolitics

Governor Haley (R-SC) emphasizes her biography in appeal to moderates, her commonsense policy prescriptions in an appeal to her mainstream base, and throws in standard conservative rhetoric for an announcement speech meant to unite large swaths of the party and indeed the nation behind her. 

(I've written this speech 8,000 times on this forum and 270soft, just imagine the standard Dobs candidate speech)

2) Haley campaigns in Charleston, South Carolina hoping to lock down the endorsement of Senator Tim Scott as an early backer.

3) Haley flies to Iowa to establish some initial campaign offices and meet with fellow mainstream Republican Governor Terry Branstad.

4) Haley meets with Governor Brian Sandoval in Nevada to talk about forming a broad "rainbow coalition" for the GOP to rally around in 2016. She emphasizes the 2012 RNC autopsy in revamping the GOP.

5) Haley finishes the month with a visit with New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte after some campaigning and office opening in Manchester, NH. 

(All people with whom I'm meeting is an attempt to win their endorsement, I am not implying their support for me)


Rep. Susan Brooks (R-IN) announces campaign to succeed outgoing Senator Dan Coats

Darryl Glenn (R) launches challenge to Colorado Senator Michael Bennett

Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) announces bid to succeed outgoing Senator David Vitter


Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) re-introduces a measure to repeal Obamacare

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) introduces a motion to call on the President to bring forward his "Iran Deal" as a treaty accountable to Senate Advice and Consent.


Gov. Haley signs legislation to remove the Confederate Flag from all public buildings in South Carolina, citing "a new chapter for America" and launching her campaign shortly thereafter on the steps of the South Carolina State Capitol. 

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President Events

1. John Kasich announces a run for President as a Republican. His speech hinges on his experience as governor, his position as a party moderate, and his ability to work with Democrats across the aisle to pas legislation.

2. Kasich visits New Hampshire to campaign among youth voters

3. Kasich is back in the Granite State to ask for Kelley Ayotte's endorsement

4. Kasich goes to Iowa to talk to rural voters, voicing his support for ethanol subsidies

5. Kasich continues to pander to farmers, by pledging to increase subsidies to small farms.

Down Ballot

1. Brian Sandoval announces a run for Senate, emphasizes the need to make the Republican party a party for all hardworking Americans.

2. Phil Scott announces a run for Governor of Vermont

3. Chris Sununu announces a run for Governor of New Hampshire


1. Mark Kirk introduces the Equality Act, which would amend the 1964 Civil Rights Act to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

2. Mario Diaz-Balart introduces the Energy Subsidies Act, which would increase federal subsidies to Renewable Energy Sources, like solar, wind, or nuclear energy, up to the current level of subsidies given to Non-Renewable Energy Sources.


1. Bill Walker signs a bill extending civil unions to same sex couples.

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Charlie Crist will announce Presidential Bid in the Democratic Party

Crist visits Iowa where he talks about Free Trade

Crist visits New Hampshire he talks about lowering taxes for the middle class

Crist will campaign in Nevada where he talks about immigration reform

Crist will campaign in California where he talks about expanding America's role in foreign affairs


Downballot: Krysten Sinema announces Senate Bid against John McCain

Alison Lundergan Grimes announces Bid for Governor of Kentucky

Governor: N/A

Legislative: N/A

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36 minutes ago, Timur said:

I'll take Conservative Republicans if it isn't too late.

I see Cal has gotten it already. Is there a way I can mess with Third Parties?

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Guys we haven't kicked off the first turn yet 😀 but it's good to see you're so excited to proceed.

We need downballot candidates just for KY,LA and MS 2015 Governor races at the moment but don't worry those you made already will also count as early announcements. @Dobs @WVProgressive @Kitten

Also @Kittenyou haven't used all your events,you can still add legislative and governor ones if you want.

@Fbarbarossa @Hestia @The Blood @Cal @Cenzonicoyou can post your events now as well

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57 minutes ago, Rodja said:

We need downballot candidates just for KY,LA and MS 2015 Governor races at the moment but don't worry those you made already will also count as early announcements. @Dobs @WVProgressive @Kitten


The Mainstream GOP will field former Air Force Veteran Jenean Hampton as their candidate for Kentucky Governor.

The Mainstream GOP will run Lieutenant Governor Jay Dardenne to succeed his boss, Bobby Jindal.

Phil Bryant will seek re-election in Mississippi.

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Donald Trump announces his bid for the Republican nomination for president at a speech in Trump Tower

Donald Trump Is Running For President 2016, Says American Dream Is Dead; Did Hillary Clinton ...

Let me tell you it is a fine day to be at Trump Tower seeing all of you beautiful people! Brings a simile to my face. But let me tell you all something real important alright? 

Our great nation. Our great country known as the United States of America… is under attack. The Democrats oh the Democratic party. They can’t run the country you know. You see them get their asses kicked in 2014 cause they’ve failed. They can’t beat ISIS. They couldn’t even defend their own embassy. It’s crazy right? And don’t even get me started on the economy. Barack has failed! Utterly failed on the economy. He raises taxes left and right on the middle class, can’t win at all on trade and trust me I will win on trade. I can beat Japan you know. I can beat China and score a great deal with them. The economy remains in a slump. A mess! Is this really the best we can send to the oval office? Of course not. 

And some of the other guys that may run against me don’t even have the guts to fight these issues head on. They won’t destroy ISIS like I will. They won’t combat the illegal immigration issue like I will as president. Let me tell something about that. When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best. They're not sending you. They're not sending you. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people. Have you guys seen the cartels down there? They are some of the craziest people I’ve ever seen! 

They won’t win on the economy like I will. In fact if anything they will do worse than the Democrats! Our jobs are being taken by Mexico and China. The big companies outsource our jobs 24/7 and it's insane. Regular working class Americans can not contribute to our amazing economy because all the jobs have been sent somewhere else! 

They won’t win on health care like I will. Obamacare has been an unmitigated disaster through and through. The whole thing has been a big fat lie through and through! Deductibles have gone off the roof. People who were able to pay for their insurance before now can’t because the prices have gotten too high. It’s too much! We will repeal Obamacare. We will repeal it I will pledge that right here right now. And we will replace it with something much better. Something that will actually bring the health care Americans across the country deserve! 

And so with this all said…

I officially announce that I will run to become the next President of the United States of America!

I will bring back jobs to America. I will fix our healthcare system. I will battle the crisis at our southern border. We will drain the swamp that is full of the big banks and the career establishment politicians. The economy will soar under my administration. We will stand up to ISIS. The second amendment will be protected. The debt will be paid. And so much more. 

The American Dream is dead! 

But we can bring it back…

We will build America back together, stronger than it has ever been before! And we will Make America Great Again!

Thank you and god bless the United States of America!


2) Donald Trump meets with voters in the great state of Iowa. He makes a play for the farmers in the state, hoping to conjure up some early support in the vital caucus.

3) Donald stays in the state of Iowa where he will met with the city folk. He needs to appeal to everybody right?

4) The Donald ends off the month with a fat rally in Cedar Rapids where he empathizes his outsider credentials. 


1) NC State House Rep Robert Brawley is recruited by the PopReps to run in the upcoming North Carolina gubernatorial election

2) Ron Johnson kicks off his re-election campaign with a rally in Kenosha.

3) Sharron Angle is recruited to run in the upcoming Nevada senate race. 


The PopReps will chill for the month. 


Paul LePage proposes a constitutional amendment referendum to eliminate Maine's income tax. 

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Louisiana Gov: No one, endorse the party nominee.

Kentucky Gov: Representative Ed Whitfield will run for governor.

Mississippi Gov: Endorse Phil Bryant

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How Brian Schatz Is Becoming The Senate's Chief Science Nerd - Honolulu  Civil Beat

Hawaii Senator Brian Schatz announces his bid for the Presidency

Hello Honolulu! With recent announcements from Democratic Party colleagues of mine I think you can guess why I've called you all here and you are correct! 

With the Obama administration reaching its end America is at a crucial point and we need to forge a clear path ahead. The President gave us a start and its time to take things further. We need to carry on defending and expand social security. We need to issue more stimulus and invest in the American people and the American small businessman. And most importantly we need to finally end the healthcare debate.

It's not just that. We need to accept that times are changing and politics need to change with it. The advancement of technology brings a whole new range of issues and opportunity, and we need to start the conversation on them. Data handling, the gig economy and net neutrality are all things that need to be a bigger part of the national conversation because this is what we are now facing. And I can assure you, my campaign whether successful or not, will bring these issues to the greater conversation. 

Thank you for coming out and I hope you wish me the best in the months to come!


2 - Schatz will visit Iowa and speak on how his social investment plan will will help farmers manage and expand their businesses.

3 - Schatz will hold a rally in New Hampshire, speaking on what he calls his Gradual Healthcare plan. Saying how he will ensure a smooth transition to a single payer system with steps in between to ensure total coverage.

4 - In Nevada Schatz will again speak on his Social Investment plan. He'll cite how it will help existing small businesses by allowing them to keep technologically up to date as well as help those who seek to start small businesses.



In Madison, Wisconsin Russ Feingold holds a rally where he announces his bid to return to the US senate.

Kevin DeLeon announces his bid for the open Senate seat in California

In Cleveland Ohio Dennis Kucinich announces a challenge to Rob Portman.

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"C'mon Jack, It's Time To Cut The Malarkey" - Joe Biden Announces 2016 Presidential Campaign 

Joe Biden will hold a small, inconspicuous event in Scranton, Pennsylvania, advertising it as a "Speech Reflecting on the Past" and only allowing in CSPAN for the media. The venue will be indoor and small, with only around 100 people being allowed to attend. Biden will arrive to speak on stage as casually as ever.


"Good morning, folks. I want to thank you all for coming out here for this speech. I know it was a mighty pain to get tickets, with the limited size, and I appreciate it. 


I was born right here in Scranton. I spent some of my most formative years here as dad looked for work and mom did what she could to make sure her children had a proper upbringing. 


And folks, looking back, I see that even in the darkest times for my family, we stuck together and persevered. Even when the future was uncertain, we had hope in our hearts and a passion to keep going. Without the work of my mom and pop, I would not be speaking to you today as Vice President, I can tell you that.


And that brings me to another period of my life. It was November 2008 and me and Barack were watching the election returns, ready for the final call to be made. The country was in crisis. The recession was tearing into our communities and gutting the hopes and dreams of our working-class people. Yet in that room, ready to assume the roles of President and Vice President Elect, Barack and I did not waver in our commitment and readiness to fight for the American Dream so many seem to have lost at that time.


And that's what we've done these last 7 years, fought and restored the American Dream for millions of Americans.


I've been through hard times in my life. I've suffered deep and wounding loss. But each time, I looked up and decided to fight on, reaching the hope and promise I saw on the horizon.


And I believe that is the situation America is in right now. Just like my parents as they finally began to find stability, and me and Barack assuming office and fighting for the American Dream, America has healed from the wounds of the past and has found the hope and promise we were beginning to doubt. The recession Barack and I helped this nation recover from is a distant memory. Obamacare is now insuring millions of Americans. We've fought for and won progress on key issues such as marriage equality.


We still have our issues, the problems plaguing our working and middle class. 


But just as we've spent these last 7 years doing, America will look fear and struggle in the face with perseverance and assuredness in our eventual success. Because that is the spirit of this great nation. A spirit of perseverance and continued belief in the future.


And I am ready to look to the future, folks. It is time to build on the work of the Obama Administration, facing down the issues we have and pushing forward to the hope and plentiful success we have on the horizon. 


I wanted to make this a surprise for the candidate-spotting media, and I am here this morning to announce that I am running for President of the United States in 2016. Let's build on the progress we've seen over the past few years and continue to have the American spirit of hope and perseverance in our hearts.


And to the Republicans who will scoff at this message. Who will criticize our Administration's policies even as they help millions, I say this: C'mon Jack, it's time to cut a malarkey!


Republican or Democrat, independent or party aligned, I don't care. Let's all come together and continue our work for this nation!


Thank you all!


Biden will walk off stage as the small crowd gives a thunderous applause.


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(Consider the announcement event 1 for Joe)

2. Joe will tour Iowa, declaring that he will defend Obamacare as President.


3. Joe will hit South Carolina, speaking with African American leaders and community members.


4. Joe will hit Nevada, courting the Latino vote with his promise to defend Dreamers and the immigrant community in America.


5. Joe will campaign in Texas, remarking that if the Republicans nominate Trump, "We may just win here."



1. Jerry Abramson will announce his campaign for KY Governor.


2. Travis Childers will announce his campaign for MS Governor.


3. Mitch Landrieu will announce his campaign for LA Governor.


Other Events:

ModDems will be quiet this turn.

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On 12/19/2021 at 2:02 PM, Rodja said:

3-5 events for presidential campaign events

3 events for downballot campaigns

1 executive event for player controlling the President(right now @Hestiaor @The Blood)

Up to 2 legislative events

1 state event for Governors

Who is Julian Castro? What to know about his 2020 presidential campaign and  policies - Vox

1. HUD Secretary Julian Castro announces his run for the presidency in his home state of Texas in a visit to San Antonio. He says he stands behind President Obama's bold vision and will work to deliver a Democratic Congress that will enact the kinds of policy that he was promising. He says that people have been left behind by Congress on both sides that have failed to take action to help the people when they needed it most. He says that he will deliver a message of progress to the White House more clearly than those that are running against him.

2. Castro takes a visit to Iowa where he campaigns on improving Obamacare and opening up Medicare to all who want it - delivering on a pledge to increase the amount of money into Social Security and Medicare.

3. Secretary Castro visits Nevada, aiming to build a strong bloc with Latinos.

4. Secretary Castro takes his campaign to Iowa once more, hoping to build a strong level of support in rural areas of the state.

5. Castro makes his first visit to New Hampshire, offering a message of pragmatic, but bold liberalism.


1. Liberal Democrats recruit Lauren Underwood to run for Senate in the state of Illinois, a former Health and Human Services advisor. She would be a young senator for the state, barely 30 past the election. They hope her youth can aid the campaign.

2. Liberals in Ohio recruit Richard Cordray, current head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, to run for senate in Ohio. 

3. Democrats back Katie McGinty to challenge the Senate seat in Pennsylvania, hoping that she may be able to take the seat away from Republicans.


Barack Obama shares his favourite songs from 2021 | The Independent

President Obama makes a speech at a foreign policy group, stating that he will be broaching the idea of protected zones in Syria as the civil war draws on. He says that they need to do a better job protecting the people in Syria, especially civilians that have had no part in the conflict. He says that protecting people in Syria itself will help stem the tide of refugees into Europe.


None for now considering the balance of power 😛 


Liberal Democrats will back their more moderate peers in the early states, hoping that they could steal just one of them.

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Rick Santorum Announces New Presidential Bid, and New Focus on Middle Class  - The New York Times

Former Senator Rick Santorum announces his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, May 27th, 2015

As Middle America is hollowing out, we can’t sit idly by as big government politicians make it harder for our workers and then turn around and blame them for losing jobs overseas. Working families don’t need another President tied to big government or big money. And today is the day, today is the day we are going to begin to fight back.  
I am proud to stand here among you and for you, the American workers who have sacrificed so much, to announce that I am running for President of the United States.

I'll offer a bold vision for America, one that’s clear and conservative, that has plans to reform and has a proven track record that I have in my time in service. Step one in taking back America, step one, let's scrap the corrupt federal tax code and the IRS that goes with it. all. We will shrink government, we will reduce spending, we will revoke every executive order and regulation – yeah.  We will revoke every executive order and regulation that costs American jobs.  

We can create jobs, but as we’ve all seen America can't succeed unless we strengthen the first economy – the American family.  It’s time we have a President who sees the struggle of working families in America not as an opportunity to divide us along race or class – but as a chance to unite us around the ideal that every child in America deserves her birthright – to be raised by her parents in a healthy home.

Finally, we must take back America from those who seek to deny us our God-given rights of life and liberty. As President, I will stand for the principle that every life matters – the poor, the disabled, and the unborn.  I will also fight for the freedom for you to believe what you are called to believe, not just in your places of worship, but outside of your places of worship too. 

Four years ago, well, no one gave us much of a chance. But we won 11 states.  We got four million votes. And it’s not just because I stood for something. It’s because I stood for someone – the American worker.
I promised then as I promise you now, I will take money and power out of Washington and put it back where our Constitution says it belongs – in the people who earned it.

The last race, we changed the debate. This race, with your help, and God's Grace, we can change this nation

Join us. Join us at RickSantorum.com. And let’s take back America. God Bless you. God Bless America."

Event 2: Anyone with a few brain cells can run a decent campaign and receive a few votes in the presidential primaries. However, winning campaigns for the highest office in the United States are launched on the backs of brilliant minds; campaign advisors and senior strategists that assemble to paint their candidate as what America needs and control the narrative every step along the way. 

As such, Rick Santorum will tap political guru John Brabender to manage his 2016 presidential campaign. Brabender has worked on all of Santorum's campaigns thus far, and is credit with his success in 2012. A campaign without John is hardly a campaign that Rick wants to run at all. Hopefully Brabender accepts the invitation to work for his old boss and can call in some favors to give Santorum the boost he needs to start the primaries off right with donors and endorsers. 

Event 3: The first stop of the campaign will be to, of course, Iowa. Iowa is a breeding ground for American conservatism, and historically its where social conservatives such as Santorum have thrived in the early stages of the primaries. In Des Moines, Rick will speak to voters on our duty to protect the lives of the unborn, and how he will stand up for family values like no other candidate in the race can do. 

Event 4: Back in Iowa! Santorum will denounce Obamacare as wasteful, and come out in support of a full repeal as expected. 

Event 5: New Hampshi... nah, we're still in Iowa. We need to lower taxes, or so that's what Santorum told a crowd of people in Davenport. 


Daryll Glenn announces his campaign for the Colorado Senate seat. 

John Kennedy announces his campaign for the Louisiana Senate seat. 

Sharron Angle announces her campaign for the Nevada Senate seat.

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